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PAINTED MONSTERS - Mixed Media Artwork

Detail showing watercolour pencil shading with Artline pen and black marker outlining. Detail showing watercolour pencil shading with Artline pen and black marker outlining. These artworks are fantastic!!! Students love to paint so I thought we would start to learn how to apply paint to a canvas as a "real artist" would. I also wanted to teach students about colour groups other than the basic primary and secondary colours. Painting is not my thing, I'm pretty average at it so I decided to make the artwork mixed media.

PROCEDURE:    I found some images of monsters on the net (free-to-use) and printed them onto a piece of A4 canvas as a black, white and tonal grey image. Students will get to choose a monster from 4 options and have an accompanying coloured image to use when painting the little canvas.

Students will investigate TERTIARY COLOURS and understand how they are created. They will also look at COMPLEMENTARY COLOURS, shades and tints.
Before commencing their painting, s…

VERSION 2: SURREALISM and STEAMPUNK ART - Mechanical Sea Creatures

The more I looked at my  first Surrealist/Steampunk Mechanical Fish Artwork, the more I decided I wasn't happy with it. So, I have modified the original artwork in the following ways......

1. The surface background began life with leaves and natural objects as stencils. I sprayed over them with fluoro line marking paint in layers of two or three colours.
   The shapes which were created by the "stencils" became the coral, sea anemones, etc that you would normally find on a reef. students will still receive the Resource Image below to help them create their reef scene.
2. Added  images of fish which I found on Pinterest as free-to-use vintage prints. I imported them into Photoshop and manipulated the colours. I have included them in the background to re-create the appearance of a coral reef alive with brightly coloured fish.

* Students will still look at Surrealism and Steampunk Art before commencing their artwork.
* Student will still need to create a "steampunk sea an…

VERSION 1: SURREALISM and STEAMPUNK ART - Mechanical Sea Creatures

I wanted to teach students about Surrealism but the concept of subconscious ideas is not an easy thing to explain to young people. So I thought about combining it  with Steampunk Art and came up with a weird little artwork about weird little fish.
   I think students will like creating a drawing a sea creature made out of mechanical parts and putting it in a background made out of spray paint on wet watercolour paper.

Where the spray paint lifted away from the watercolour paper, shapes were created. I turned these shapes into other sea creatures, EG; a jellyfish. I used a blue Sharpie marker to draw the jellyfish, following to the edge of the spray paint. This created a wobbly line.  I collaged on some small torn and cut pieces of paper to add more colour and additional media to the artwork.

The RESOURCE IMAGES are free-to-use colouring pages that I found on Pinterest.

SLEEPING KOALAS - Variation on the Original Drawing

This is a variation of the drawing based on a sleeping koala (white charcoal pencil on black paper). It uses coloured card stock (30cm x 30cm), white charcoal pencil with metallic watercolour pencils in the background as gum leaves.
   The card stock colour is hot pink. I did incorporate a tiny amount of white Posca pen on facial features.


The following artworks were created by students aged 8 - 9 years old ....