It's All About Me - Digital Photography

This was a course work task that enabled students to look at digital photography, spot colour and using themselves as subject matter.  They had to describe who they were to an audience but not use any sort of portrait shot. My students stepped up to the challenge with results that I did not expect......

This was the task....
1.   The theme for your task is “IT’S ALL ABOUT ME”.
2.   You are required to present a MINIMUM OF THREE digital shots that describe who you are. You can present up to SIX shots for marking.
3.   You cannot present a portrait shot of yourself – that’s too easy!!
4.  You must incorporate composition techniques - Rule of Thirds, leading lines, horizon placement, framing, etc. We will do some revision to refresh 5. You photographs must be black and white but you can include areas
6.   All work is to be presented in your Photography Journal. However, you can re-print some of your final shots and put them into your portfolio.
7.   All digital shots will be converted to black and white photographs – Photoshop Elements has a function that can do this.
8.   You will be assessed on your incorporation and use of composition techniques, lighting techniques and your skills as a digital photographer.
9.   A CONTACT SHEET must be included in your Journal as a record of the shots you have taken – not just the good ones but the bad ones as well.
Examples of student work......t I think hey are wonderful..... for kids who are 14 - 15 years old...... I have about 30 examples but I wont load them all onto here.....


I had the most remarkable group of students in 2013 in my Elective Photographic and Digital Imaging course. They were an absolute delight to teach and made my job so very easy......xxxxx to them....



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