Movie Poster - Digital Artwork, Elective Visual Design Course

Loved doing this work with the kids. Its nice sometimes to get away from the paint and mess and do something digital. This is my example that I used to show the kids what they had to do. I used it to discuss layout, typography and imagery and how to get it all working together.
   I have taken the instructions from the assessment task info that was given to the kids......

Creating a Poster based on a New Animated Movie about to be Released in Cinemas
1. You are required to create a POSTER using the cartoon character you have previous created or you may create a new character.
2. Your poster is about a new animated movie that is about to be released in cinemas.
3. Your poster must include
a. Title
b. all releveant movie logos such as the film rating, movie compantyproducing the movie, etc
c. the character or characters that you have created.
d. some words or text that acts as a an intro duction to the movie - this is called a verbal trailer
e. Special effects that create a strong visual attractions for the audience
4. You are encouraged to create more than one poster but only one will be marked.

POSTER SIZE: You need to create a BLANK FILE A3 in size → 297mm wide X 410mm high. This is so your poster can be printed as a real poster. Not as a small A4 size.
5. You must use Photoshop to create your poster. This will enable all students to be graded fairly.
6. You must acknowledge where you obtained information. Eg: web address.

MOST IMPORTANT: It is compulsory for you to have backups of all your work. Failures with technology are NOT an acceptable explanation for failure to complete and/or submit the requirements of the task. For example: printer out of ink, computer has a virus, USB is lost, etc are not acceptable. In the event that technology does fail, you can submit backup work as evidence of your attempts to complete the task.  



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