Phobias - Painting Elective Visual Arts

 This is from an old program that I created way back in 2013.......
Painting based on a phobia.
A visual interpretation of a phobia experienced by the student.
Students will create and complete a large canvas painting incorporating structured composition techniques.
Composition Techniques: Information regarding the Rule of thirds and the creation of focal points, mood, movement, the use of leading lines etc. 1 lesson
Effective Use of Colour: Students will investigate the use of colour to create mood and emotion. Opposing colour schemes, warm colours, cool colours, monochromatic schemes. 2 lessons with practical VAPD (Visual Arts Process Diary) investigation with paint.
Painting Techniques: Students will investigate a variety of ways to apply paint to a surface – fingers, dry brushing, expressive application techniques. 3 lessons including the use of modelling compound with paint in VAPD.
VAPD Planning:
Students are to create 3 designs for a painting using composition techniques. Their best design is discussed with the teacher prior to drawing it onto their canvas. Appropriate and inappropriate subject matter. 3 lessons with teacher guidance.
INDIVIDUAL STUDENT WORK: Once the final design is established students will work on their own, making their own artistic decisions.
Examples of student artworks.......



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